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This is a very good quality audience recording of the Humble Pie reunion that took place after Steve Marriott died. This is the lineup that released the excellent (but sadly overlooked) studio album entitled "Back on Track".

Wolverhampton, UK
October 13, 2000
"PIE 2K"

artwork included

Bobby Tench - Guitars & Vocals
Greg Ridley - Bass & Backing Vocals
Jerry Shirley - Drums
Dave "Bucket" Colwell - Lead Guitar
Zoot Money - Keyboards

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sound quality: "A-"

1) Four Day Creep 3:09
2) C'Mon Everybody 5:30
3) Fool For a Pretty Face 6:40
4) Natural Born Woman 4:36
5) 79th and Sunset 3:59
6) Hot'n'Nasty 5:23
7) Red Neck Jump 3:02
8) Don't Fight It 4:35
9) Hallelujah I Love Her So 4:58
10) 30 Days in the Hole 6:17
11) I Don't Need No Doctor 7:01
12) Stone Cold Fever (incomplete) 1:44

Note: Equipment difficulties resulted in an incomplete recording of the song "Stone Cold Fever". Recording resumed for the next complete song.

To preserve the flow of the live music, "Stone Cold Fever" was edited out (by cross-fading during crowd noise), but it was done so well that I can't determine where the edit took place. For the sake of completeness, the incomplete song was then tacked on as a "bonus".

Despite this one detraction, this is an excellent concert -- very good sound quality and a very good performance. Enjoy!

Never sell! Trade in lossless formats only, and buy the "Back on Track" album.

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