Ian Anderson
One Dance With Prince Charles
Munchen, Tyskland Mai 20 1995

Disc 1
01 In A Stone Circle
02 In Sight Of the Minaret
03 In A Black Box
04 In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
05 In Maternal Grace
06 In The Moneylender's Temple
07 In Defense of Faiths
08 At Their Father's Knee
09 En Afrique
10 In The Olive Garden
11 In The Pay Of Spain
12 In The Times Of India

Disc 2
01 Heavey Horses
02 Life's a Long Song
03 Sossity/Reasons For Waiting
04 Dum/Bass Solo
05 Wond'ring Aloud
06 Cheap Day Return
07 Nursie
08 Dun Ringill
09 She Moved Through the Fair/Dust Devils
10 Jack In The Green
11 Bouree
12 Aqualung
13 Locomotive Breath

Band line up:
Ian Anderson, Andy Giddings, Jon Noyce, Doane Perry, Chris Leslie

The set list and Venue were taken from the art on my copies. I will upload the art as well.
List of band members was borrowed from DWL in his uploads from the same tour- Sorry it took me so long to get this one up!

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