Ian Anderson
Billed As
Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson
Rialto Square Theatre
Joliet Illinois October 30, 2010

Set List
Disc 1
01 Life's A Long Song
02 Intros
03 Up To Me
04 Nursie
05 Intro- Rambling Disertation
06 That Fucking Tune
07 Set Aside
08 Intro To Hare in the Wine Cup
09 Hare In The Wine Cup
10 Depressing Intro To
11 Wond'ring Again
12 MTV Intro
13 Andanito
14 Intro To
15 Adrift and Dumbfounded
16 Prog Rock Intro
17 The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles
18 Classical Intro
19 Bach's Prelude in C Major
20 Bouree

Disc 2
01 Thick As A Brick
02 Les Paul Intro
03 Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor
04 Florian as Anouscia
05 A Change of Horses
06 Flutes in Space Intro
07 In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
08 Budapest
09 Riff Intro
10 Aqualung
11 Outro
12 Locomotive Breath
13 Crowd Exit

The Band
Ian Anderson- Flute Guitar and Vocals
Florian Opahle- Guitars
David Goodier- Bass
John O'Hara- Keyboards
Scott Hammond- Drums

my Roland Edirol R-09 to a 2 gig SD sound card
Nero for track editing- Traders Little Helper set at 8
for FLAC and torrent file- Dime!

Great show from Ian. I have been missing Tull shows for a
couple of reasons- mostly they have been coming in summer-
my busy season. Also the set has been pretty stale and Ian's
voice has really been depressing. That said, I have made peace
with the voice and I thought the set list has opened up some.
Glad I went. The 15 minutes of Brick was worth the trip and
ticket price!! Really reminiscent of a 77 Brick performance
(minus teh voice!) The band is great and Ian is still an amazing

Two editing notes- I am a terrible taper. Taping is hard for
those of you who have not done it, imagine not wanting to clap
or cheer. I like showing my appreciation (at appropriate times)
and it is sad not to make any noise- you hear me talk between a
couple of songs- I do laugh once in a spot that it's quite

The editing notes- I adjusted rec level during the first track.
Nothing terrible but it goes up then down. Also, when inserting
track markers I somehow got past the fast opening bit of Bouree
and to the well known slow bit, it's alright it runs right off
of Prelude in C major.

I have found 1 other show from the tour- 2 sources I have only
played one and it sounds great! Mine sounds quite good to my ear
but hey, it's mine so I can't say (see my sound disclaimer!)

Anyone heard anything about Brick shows in 2012! I'm excited!!!
Hope you folks enjoy it


My Now Standard disclaimer!
IT'S a BOOT perfect recordings can be had at Amazon or best
buy, this is a nice recording that may pop,click,hiss and
otherwise offend- Truth is you probably won't like it!