Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson in concert
Gloucester Guildhall, Gloucester, UK
4th September 2011

Source: Audio-SP CMC 2 > Edirol R-09HR 16 Bit 44.1kHz
Transfer: USB > HD > Goldwave (Ampl, Fades & Splits) > Easy CD-DA Extractor (FLAC 5 conversion)
Taper/Transfer/Seeder: musoras

Ian Anderson - lead vocals, flute and guitar
Florian Opahle - Lead, Semi-Acoustic and Bass Guitars
John O'Hara - Keyboards, Melodica, Accordion and Percussion

Doors Open: 1900
First Set: 1930 - 20:20
Second Set: 20:40 - 21:50

I really wasn't sure how to set-up my recording levels before entering the Theatre....acoustic, but
knowing Ian Anderson, still potentially loud. However, I risked it and went in on full volume on the
basis that it was only a threesome, and it really paid off. I've had to increase volumes quite a bit
(consistently across both sets, so Set 1 levels may seem a little on the low side) but there is no distortion
whatsoever. I sat in the front row, slightly to the left as I faced the stage to benefit from the
speakers to the side of the stage - my compliments to the sound guy who stayed on the ball, with only
one small squeak of feedback all night. I had a lovely Danish couple to my right, who clapped a little louder
than I would have liked, and a lady to my left whose digital camera set-up included audio for the 'mechanical'
shutter sound which I picked up a couple of times, all very trivial in the overall scheme of things and a sign
of how good I think this recording is. But then I would, wouldn't I? :-)

Set 1

1. Boris Dancing
2. Chat
3. Just Trying To Be
4. Slipstream
5. Chat
6. Up To Me
7. Chat
8. Set Aside
9. Chat
10. Overture
11. Chat
12. Wondering Again
13. Chat
14. Andantino
15. Chat
16. Hare In The Winecup
17. Chat
18. Bach's Prelude in C Major
19. Bouree


Set 2

1. Chat
2. Up The Pool
3. Chat
4. The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles
5. Chat
6. Thick As A Brick (The Poet & The Painter Sequence)
7. Chat
8. Adrift And Dumbfounded
9. Chat
10. A Change Of Horses
11. Chat
12. Bach's Toccata And Fugue
13. Chat
14. Budapest
15. Aqualung
16. Band Outros/Applause
17. Locomotive Breath