André’s Music Club presents ......

World premiere of Thick As A Brick 2
Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Scotland, UK
Saturday 14th April 2012

01 Intro
02 Thick As A Brick part 1
03 Intermission
04 Thick As A Brick part 2

01 Tuffty's Intro
02 From A Pebble Thrown
03 Pebble Instrumental
04 Might-Have-Beens
05 Upper Sixth Loan Shark
06 Banker Bets, Banker Wins
07 Swing It Far
08 Adrift and Dumbfounded
09 Old School Song
10 Wootton Bassett Town
11 Power and Spirit
12 Give Till It Hurts
13 Cosy Corner
14 Shunt and Shuffle
15 A Change of Horses
16 Confessional
17 Kismet In Suburbia
18 What-Ifs, Maybes and Might-Have-Beens
19 Tuffty's Outro

Ian Anderson - Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitar
David Goodier - Bass Guitar
Scott Hammond - Drums, Percussion
John O'Hara - Keyboards, Accordion
Florian Opahle - Electric Guitar
Ryan O'Donnell - Additional Vocals, Theatre

MD5 checksums:
TAAB: 7cc36d99995d77c5d7f008253356925e
TAAB2: dfe40edc68431f012ae9999d502d2c96

Artwork is included in the torrent.

Equipment: Zoom H2 Recorder (Rear Stereo Mics) @ 24bit 44.1kHz Stereo -> Sound Forge 8 (volume normalisation & maximising) -> Reason 6 (eq and limiting) -> Sound Forge 8 (rendering to 16bit 44.1kHz Stereo) -> FLAC

Notes: Recorded from the middle of row E on the opening night of the Thick As A Brick 2 tour in Perth, Scotland. Please note there is one unfortunate moment near the start of TAAB where I managed to drop the recorder as well as a bit of microphone noise from me holding it for the rest of the performance. The show started at 7.30pm sharp and we arrived later than intended, which didn't provide sufficient time to find a stable location for the recorder. TAAB2 is altogether better though, as I had the chance to sort the position of the recorder out during the interval. I decided not to try patching the mistake in TAAB but to leave it "as recorded", so if anyone else would like to see if it's fixable please go right ahead.

It was a fantastic show with near flawless performances of both pieces by a group of top musicians. This recording is made available free-of-charge for all fans to enjoy and must never be sold. Please continue to support Ian Anderson's musical genius by visiting and buying lots of merchandise!

Recording, mastering and artwork by André’s Music Club.