Title Ian Anderson 2012-04-21 Grand Royal Hall, Harrogate, UK (Aud) (SPAR019)
Date 21-April-2012
Venue Grand Royal Hall, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Country England
Type Audience
Quality A (Exc Aud.)
Media 2CD-R

Billed as Jethro Tull's - Ian Anderson performs Thick As A Brick 1 & 2

Recording location: Stage Center Right
Recorded and transferred by: Sparci2000

Lineage: Recorded on Pocketrax CX @48k > SD Card -> Down Sampled to 44khz >Tracked on Adobe Audition > TLH > Flac 8.

Sound as recorded, no editing or noise reduction to music.

This is an accurate recording of how it sounded to the audience on the night.

Artwork Included

For Trade Only, Do Not Buy or Sell, Do Not Encode to a Lossy Format.

The show started with the various band members dressed in brown overalls and caps dusting down the mike stands, amps and speakers, before the introduction video kicks in on the large screen at the back of the stage.

Ryan OíDonnell is added to the band as a second vocalist, acting out the lyrics and screen shots shown on the backdrop.

As with the 1972 shows a phone call interrupts the music, but this time itís Anna Phoebe the violinist who toured with Tull a few years ago. Ian asks her to call back in two minutes as heís in the middle of a concert. A few moments late Anna appears via SKYPE on the concert screen playing along with the middle bit of Thick As A Brick pt. 1.

There is the usual weather report and an informative moment on the awareness of prostrate cancer. Thick As A Brick pt 2 continues in full, before the interval.

The second half of the concert consists of Thick As A Brick 2 in itís entirety, starting with a video from St. Cleve and ending with a video outro on the large screen.

There seamed to be some sound issues, with the vocal levels sometimes quite low, also the Bass was very subdued.

All said and done the concert was very enjoyable, entertaining and the music well played. The new stuff in my opinion is excellent and sounds better the more you listen to it.

If you get the chance to see Ian and his band then grab it with both hands and of course buy the new CD.

Band Members

Ian Anderson - Flute and Acoustic Guitar and Vocal
John O'Hara - Piano, Hammond Organ and Accordion
David Goodier - Bass and Glockenspiel
Florian Opahle - Electric Guitar
Scott Hammond - Drums and Percussion
Ryan O'Donnell - Song, Dance, Props and Sweeping

Set List

Disc One - THICK AS A BRICK - 50:27
01 Intro - 1:10
02 Thick As A Brick part 1 - 23:05
03 News & Weather - 0:45
04 Touchy Areas - 3:27
05 Thick As A Brick part 2 - 22:00

Disc Two - THICK AS A BRICK 2 - 60:41
06 Tuffty's Intro - 3:21
07 From A Pebble Thrown - 2:56
08 Pebble Instrumental - 3:42
09 Might-Have-Beens - 0:51
10 Upper Sixth Loan Shark - 1:18
11 Banker Bets, Banker Wins - 4:40
12 Swing It Far - 3:26
13 Adrift and Dumbfounded - 4:23
14 Old School Song - 3:13
15 Wootton Bassett Town - 3:41
16 Power and Spirit - 1:59
17 Give Till It Hurts - 1:14
18 Cosy Corner - 1:32
19 Shunt and Shuffle - 2:15
20 A Change of Horses - 7:46
21 Confessional - 3:08
22 Kismet In Suburbia - 4:16
23 What-Ifs, Maybes and Might-Have-Beens - 3:37
24 Tuffty's Outro - 3:24

Total Running Time :01:11:09

Flac Fingerprints

ian_anderson_20120421_01 - intro.flac:7bfde3a44c789437e3180216bd58a649
ian_anderson_20120421_02 - thick as a brick pt1.flac:e1f9e527831fe2964dbc0b846e16fa45
ian_anderson_20120421_03 - news & weather.flac:c562a6455346426abc4af8bd8972ba97
ian_anderson_20120421_04 - touchy areas.flac:9945cab9f4368b992dd5dda1377f1f4d
ian_anderson_20120421_05 - thick as a brick pt2.flac:eac08a6ee964259f11b18c3b3cc84128
ian_anderson_20120421_06 - tuffty's intro.flac:c82ddd87e8b3811e087232bce5b64a74
ian_anderson_20120421_07 - from a pebble thrown.flac:7b98c313d011bc52fbd9c199d19f8553
ian_anderson_20120421_08 - pebbles instrumental.flac:99385fc269df1aeb7211bdd076948e31
ian_anderson_20120421_09 - might-have-beens.flac:87855d15211c0ecfe1ea241e5d99bf09
ian_anderson_20120421_10 - upper sixth loan shark.flac:8fe8bb78deaaed908fe7e954976724cc
ian_anderson_20120421_11 - banker bets banker wins.flac:39a4c80ecff735d11beadeefc2249e86
ian_anderson_20120421_12 - swing it far.flac:c4f663698f54d99d5d63a67b4cbef4b0
ian_anderson_20120421_13 - adrift and dumbfounded.flac:d8f0371776cfa2b8826628eaf5841080
ian_anderson_20120421_14 - old school song.flac:53ef9d77197d3c97bbfc2bed51d57f72
ian_anderson_20120421_15 - wootton bassett town.flac:277d64e779f74e3f7cdd4a07d540798d
ian_anderson_20120421_16 - power and spirit.flac:ec9018ad1de693a8788aadf55174026d
ian_anderson_20120421_17 - give till it hurts.flac:61cc3efc75992428edde5f5f9b91cf33
ian_anderson_20120421_18 - cosy corner.flac:2d0a07792f830ccd57c9972b2f39c14d
ian_anderson_20120421_19 - shunt and shuffle.flac:c6547ce93926658648b51dd57b7b5cde
ian_anderson_20120421_20 - a change of horses.flac:4f4e2dfee72e495fe83b6704c28f618d
ian_anderson_20120421_21 - confessional.flac:64e0e5ded196399f044cffbb47e45d11
ian_anderson_20120421_22 - kismet in suburbia.flac:93d141aadf6060677f9a3c6c852082b5
ian_anderson_20120421_23 - what-ifs maybes and might-have-beens.flac:eb89b5808f4fdfa4a3a6a73ca4b544c2
ian_anderson_20120421_24 - tuffty's outro.flac:dbc6b8855816e3e3c7e4473aaba39987