Torrent Title:
Ian Anderson TAAB1&2 Hamm, Alfred Fischer Halle, Germany 2012-05-23

Artist Name:
Ian Anderson

Bootleg Title:
Thick as a Ham(m)ster?

Venue City Country Date
Alfred Fischer Halle, Hamm, Germany, 2012-05-23

Track List:
Part 1 of the show (Thick As A Brick 1972):
01 Setting The Stage
02 Intro - Gerald Bostock Visits A Psychiatrist
03 Thick As A Brick Part 1
04 Anna Phoebe Phone Call
05 Thick As A Brick Part 1 Continues
06 Weather Report
07 Prostate Cancer Awareness
08 Thick As A Brick Part 2

Part 2 of the show (Thick As A Brick 2012)
01 Intro with Colonel Archibald Parrot At Crudduck Hall St Cleve
02 From A Pebble Thrown
03 Might-Have-Beens
04 Upper Sixth Loan Shark
05 Banker Bets Banker Wins
06 Swing It Far
07 Adrift And Dumbfounded
08 Old School Song
09 Wootton Bassett Town
10 Power And Spirit
11 Give Till It Hurts
12 Cosy Corner
13 Shunt And Shuffle
14 A Change Of Horses
15 Confessional
16 Kismet In Suburbia
17 What-Ifs Maybes And Might-Have-Beens
18 Band Member Introduction And Concert Outro


Ian Anderson - Flute, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
John O'Hara - Piano, Hammond Organ and Accordion
David Goodier - Bass and Glockenspiel
Florian Opahle - Electric Guitar
Scott Hammond - Drums and Percussion
Ryan O'Donnell - Song, Dance, Props and Sweeping

NONE (would love to have some...)

Audience Recording / Exc.


SP-CMC-25 with SP-EMC-1 Croakie Mount Option > SP-PREAMP - Sound Professionals - Low Noise Gain-Selectable Portable Stereo Preamp (0db gain) > Edirol R-09HR (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) > WAV to FLAC conversion with Traders Little Helper - ffp with Traders Little Helper-Torrent file with Maketorrent; equalized with Har-Bal; tweaked with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 17

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Made the trip to Hamm with fellow Dime member torrentino (who also taped the show) who gave support in more than one way (thanks mate!). What a nice show it was! Had a great taping spot and the recording turned out great accordingly. Bringing this to the stage must have been a marathon's work - what a stunning achievement. Thanks to Ian and the band!