IAN ANDERSON 2012-09-27 The center, Atlanta, GA, USA (AUD)


September 27, 2012 (Thursday)
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Source One : Naiant U-C Cardioid (Matched) Capsules >
Naiant U-Series U-PP 3' Adaptor Cable > Sony PCM-M10 Recorder >
24-BIT, 48 Mhz WAV.
Source Two : Zoom H2 (Internal Mics) > 16-BIT, 4.1 Mhz WAV.

Mixed using Adobe Audition 1.5 & iZotope RX Advanced >
16-BIT, 44.1 WAV > CD Wave Editor > Traders Little Helper >
FLAC (Level 8).

Set List :

Set One
01. Intro
02. Thick As A Brick
03. Weather And Public Service Announcement
04. Thick As A Brick (Reprise)
05. Intermission

Set Two
06. Video Intro
07. Thick As A Brick 2
From A Pebble Thrown
Pebbles Instrumental
Upper Sixth Loan Shark
Banker Bets, Banker Wins
Swing It Far
Adrift And Dumfounded
Old School Song
Wooton Bassett Town
Power And Spirit
Give Till It Hurts
Cosy Corner
Shunt And Shuffle
A Change Of Horses
Kismet In Suburbia
What-If's, Maybes And Might-Have-Beens
08. Band Intro
09. Locomotive Breath
10. Exit

Total Time - 122:37.00


Ian Anderson (Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitars)
Ryan O'Donnell (Vocals)
Florian Opahle (Guitars)
John O'Hara (Piano, Hammond Organ, Accordion)
David Goodier (Bass, Glockenspiel)
Scott Hammond (Drums, Percussion)

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