Ian Anderson
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, TN

Source: Samson Zoom H2, 120 degree pattern, in shirt pocket, sensitivity set to "L", 48K/24bit
Lineage: SD > PC > Audacity (levels raised, conversion to 44.1/16bit) > CD Wave (registered) for track splits > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC level 8
Recorded by: PharMike


Set 1:

1) Theatrical Intro
2) Thick as a Brick 1 pt. 1
3) Weather report and Prostate Cancer awareness
4) Thick as a Brick 1 pt. 2

Set 2:
1) Thick as a Brick 2
2) Band Intros
3) Encore Applause
4) Locomotive Breath

Pgroove_fan's notes:

I'm not a big enough fan of the new material to pony up the bucks that this show cost. So I loaned my trusty old Samson Zoom H2 to my buddy PharMike so that we'd be sure to have *some* recording of Ian's stop at the historic Ryman Auditorium. PharMike is a huge fan of all things Tull and has greatly benefitted from my membership here on DIME and the many Tull-related recordings that I've downloaded and shared with him. He figured the least he could do in return was to pop the H2 in his pocket and pull this recording from his balcony seats. Thanks to PharMike for the small risk undertaken!

At the time of this first being torrented, a review of this actual show was availalble at: