Ian Anderson,
Gran Teatro Geox,
30 November 2012

This version I am seeding now is a different source than the one that I seeded that was banned because it was recorded lossy. This is a recording I was able to obtain from another man that attended the show. I am not sure sound quality is better than my version, but at least this is lossless. It is a mono recording, though. Sound quality is, anyway, quite ok, a bit boomy maybe (acoustics of that place are not that great...).

As I mentioned, I attended this and boy, I was really looking forward to see this. I was not disappointed. "Thick as a Brick" is one of my favorite albums ever and this live version was done splendidly. Ryan O'Donnell has a similar voice to what used to be Ian's one back in 1972, so it complemented very well. The stage presence was also fantastic, the video setting was cool, and the various interludes were amusing (I expecially enjoyed Anne Phoebe phoning Ian in the middle of TAAB1!). I know that sometimes they cut parts of both albums, but tonight everything was done (though the intermission between the two sides of TAAB was shortened), and greatly done as well. Ian may have lost his voice, but he's a fantastic musician, an incredible frontman and he does not sound too bad on TAAB2. Plus, with mr. O'Donnell, you won't miss much from the early days, so if you are unsure about buying the tickets: do it by any means! The backing band is very tight, even if you might understandably miss Martin Barre. A funny note: during "Locomotive Breath", while Ian was doing his usual thunderous flute solo, he stepped on a house light and fell down (that's what you get if you keep walking backwards). Of course, he resumed in a second or two, but he tripped and it was quite goofy to see! There is a video on youtube documenting this, and you can see him kicking the house light in anger while he stands up! (Speaking about videos, I think the venue filmed all the show. It would be great to have it leaked somehow, though I think it's not that likely at the moment)

Besides this, he was fantastic all through the evening: great musician, great sense of humour and great, great, frontman! For anyone who cares, this was billed as "Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson plays THick as a Brick 1 & 2".

01 Video Intro
02 Thick as a Brick (part 1)
03 Prostate Cancer Awareness
04 Thick as a Brick (part 2)
05 Tuffy Intro
06 From A Pebble Thrown
07 Pebbles Instrumental
08 Might-have-beens
09 Upper Sixth Loan Shark
10 Banker Bets, Banker Wins
11 Swing It far
12 Adrift and Dumbfounded
13 Old School Song
14 Wooton Basset Town
15 Power and Spirit
16 Give Till It Hurts
17 Cosy COrner
18 Shunt and Shuffle
19 A Change of Horses
20 Confessional
21 Kismet in Suburbia
22 What-ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens
23 Introducing the band
24 Locomotive Breath

Ian Anderson: flute, acoustic guitar, vocals
Ryan O'Donnell: vocals
Florian Ophale: electric guitar
David Goodier: bass, glockenspiel
John O'hara: keyboards, accordion
Scott Hammond: drums

Taped by: Alberto
Edited by: JacoZappa

Lineage: Audience (unknown equipment) --> CDR --> wav (EAC secure mode, editing) --> flac

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