Ian Anderson
Teatro Bradesco - Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Thick as a Brick" Tour - 2013

After five times watching shows of Jethro Tull or Ian Anderson solo I had already decided that my quota for this band was filled.
There was no point having to meet another live version of Fat Man, Locomotive Breath, Aqualung, New Day, Too Old, Nothing is Easy
and even Thick as a Brick (I do not know why but there are no major changes in the set list shows that JT did in Brazil and
many songs were present at all shows). However, Thick as a Brick full was something that could only make me change my mind.
And, in fact, not only did not regret as I think I did a great deal. For the first time in my life I could buy tickets for the
front row and center stage - which proved to be partly a nonsense because I only got to see the musicians from the waist up -
but see who I consider my idol at least 40 years was something rewarding. I hope you enjoy this post and ask for a little patience
for everyone because my connection is no wonder, but in about five hours about the first upload is completed and thereafter the
thing will take off.
In advance thank everyone who somehow honor this post.

Lineage: Two metres from stage - Internal Mic Zoon H4n Stereo 44.000 hz - Edited and Converted to Flac with Sound Forge 10.0.
(External Pro Mic Audio Church on the way, I hope. Hello Chris !!!!!)


Ian Anderson: Lead Vocals, Flute and Acoustic Guitar
Ryan O'Donnell: Lead Vocals
Florian Ophale: Electric Guitar
David Goodier: Bass Guitar, Glockenspiel and Backing Vocals
John O'hara: Keyboards
Scott Hammond: Drums

CD 01:

01 Introduction
02 Thick as a Brick (Part I)
03 Prostate Cancer Awareness
04 Thick as a Brick (Part II)

CD 02:

01 From a Pebble Thrown
02 Pebbles (Instrumental)
03 Might-Have-Been's
04 Upper Sixth Loan Shark
05 Banker Bets, Banker Wins
06 Swing It far
07 Adrift and Dumbfounded
08 Old School Song
09 Wooton Basset Town
10 Power and Spirit
11 Give Till It Hurts
12 Cosy Corner
13 Shunt and Shuffle
14 A Change of Horses
15 Confessional
16 Kismet in Suburbia
17 What-ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens
18 Band Introduction
19 Locomotive Breath

Total Time: 55:16 + 66:56 = 122:12

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