Ian Anderson plays the best of Jethro Tull
GruVillage, Grugliasco (Turin) Italy
June 17, 2013

Ian Anderson: Vocals, Flute & Acoustic Guitar
Florian Opahle: Electric Guitar
David Goodier: Bass & Vocals
John O'Hara: keyboards
Scott Hammond: Drums

01. living in the past
02. beggar's farm
03. thick as a brick (extract from)
04. mother goose
05. banker bets, banker wins
06. wootton basset town
07. cross-eyed mary
08. bour´┐Że
09. too old to rock'n roll: too young to die
10. songs from the wood
11. hunting girl
12. my god
13. budapest
14. aqualung
15. locomotive breath

Taped by Daniele (Rosenbach)
Micronic Pro Stereo Binaural Tie Clip Lapel Microphone
Zoom H2N @ 24bit/48Hz
SD-Card > USB > PC HDD
Downsampling to 16bit/44.100Hz & Track splitting (Nero Wave Editor)
Flac (DbPoweramp Level 8)