Ian Anderson - The Music Hall, Aberdeen [Scotland] 20 May 2014

Ian Anderson -Vocals, Flute, Guitar
John O'Hara -Keyboards
Scott Hammond -Drums
Ryan O'Donnell -Vocals, Tambourine, Cymbals, Auditioning for Les Mis.?
David Goodier -Bass
Florian Opahle -Guitar

1st Set
01..[02.30]..Intro -02.30
02..[04.27]..Doggerland -06.52
03..[01.29]..Heavy Metals -08.30
04..[04.08]..Enter The Uninvited -12.42
05..[07.11]..Puer Ferox Adventus -19.48
06..[03.52]..Meliora Sequamur -23-42
07..[03.15]..The Turnpike Inn -27.00
08..[03.41]..The Engineer -30.44
09..[03.12]..The Pax Britannica -33.54
10..[02.57]..Tripudium Ad Bellum -36.48
11..[04.49]..After These Wars -41.34
12..[02.53]..New Blood, Old Veins -44.30
13..[01.32]..In For A Pound -46.04
14..[04.08]..The Browning Of The Green -50.12
15..[01.34]..Per Errationes Ad Astra
16..[05.53]..Cold Dead Reckoning -
2nd Set
01..[05.16]..Living In The Past
03..[06.57]..With You There To Help Me
04..[06.18]..Sweet Dream
06..[04.54]..Critique Oblique
07..[04.12]..Too Old To Rock & Roll
08..[05.08]..Songs From The Wood
09..[06.46]..Farm On The Freeway
10..[10.33]..My God
12..[01.31]..Band Intros
13..[08.16]..Locomotive Breath

Pocketrax CX >Soundforge > Flac.
Recorded from the side balcony. Not the best sounding seat, but then again nowhere in the
Music Hall is.
Soundforge -removed the odd cough/rustle, toned down some of the too-loud applause, balanced
R & L volumes, minor tweaks. Nothing serious.
I hacked out some of the Encore applause, so Set 2 should now fit on a CDR.

Smallish venue but far from a sell-out, rows of empty seats. Say 3/4 full, at the start, saw
quite few leaving during the 1st. set. Did they just want a 'Greatest Hits' set ? If so
there's lots of '60's packages doing the rounds.