Ian Anderson
Paramount Theatre
Huntington, New York
Nov. 8, 2014

Hello Tull Fans
We had the pleasure of traveling to Long Island to see Ian Anderson perform. This show was associated ith the Tull Convention so it was a big deal to me. We were excited to be there!

I had heard the European shows that had the full HE set and I knew ours would be less HE and more Greatest Hits, I was up for it either way. I like Ian's later work more live than on record and this was no exception, I enjoy the album bur really loved it live!!

Won a meet and great and the band came to the convention afterwards and hung out. A good time was had by all.

I did not bring my mics, didn't want to mess with them, didn't take pictures for the same reason, I did get an 8 X 10 signed that I had taken last year so that was cool.

Here's teh set list

Edirol R09 on board mics/ SD Card/My computer/Nero for tracks/ Traders Little Helper for FLACs and torrent file/Dime

Set 1
101 Video Intro
102 Doggerland
103 Enter The Uninvited
104 Puer Ferox Adventus
105 The Engineers
106 Tripudium Ad Bellum
107 The Browning Of The Green
108 Cold Dead Reckoning
109 Bouree
110 Thick As A Brick (excerpts)

Set 2
201 Living In The Past
202 With You There to Help Me
203 Sweet Dreams
204 Teacher
205 Critique Oblique
206 Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die
207 Songs from the Wood
208 Farm on the Freeway
209 Aqualung
210 Band Intro
211 Crowd
212 Locomotive Breath

The Band
In Anderson: Vocals Flute Acoustic Guitar
Florien Opahle: Electric Guitar
David Goodier: Bass
Scott Hammond: Drums
John O'Hara: Keys
Ryan O'Donnell: Vocals- Cymbals- broom stick

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