Ian Anderson,
Gran Teatro Geox,
16 April 2015

The first date of the 2015 "Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson performs new album 'Homo Erraticus' plus The Best of Tull" European tour. As of lately, they performed the truncated version of "Homo Erraticus", which soon lead to the best of Jethro Tull before the end of the first set. I was a bit bummed when it was performed, but maybe it was better that way: the whole album, while interesting, could be a bit too much to see live. I'm bummed that they didn't play "Puer Ferox Adventus", though. "The Best of Jethro Tull" set was quite good, with the usual classics and some interesting choiches: a full band version of "Mother Goose", the 80s arrangement of "Living in the Past", "Teacher" and "Critique Oblique". Ian and the guys were obviously in a very good mood and the audience really loved the show. A standing ovation at the end of "Bour�e" caught them by surprise and it looked like they were pleased. David Goodier was not present, for unspecified reasons, a bass player named Greg Robinson was in his place. He was announced as "substituting for David Goodier tonight" so he is probably not definitive. He did a steady job, though. Definitely a very good show.

This is my first attempt to record with a Zoom H2 and, of course, I did some errors. In fear of recording it at clipping livels, I set the volume a bit too low, but that turned out to be OK. Also, I think I was too much scared to be caught so I may have hid a bit too low (I was in the first few rows) and the sound came out a little bit muffled in the raw recording. However, after playing with the eq a little bit, I can say I'm quite satisfied with it: the detail was still there. Sound also improves during "The Engineer". I think it sounds pretty good. Actually, in places, it even sounds a bit better than what we werehearing: less echo. My only complaint is that I missed approx 10 seconds at the beginning of "Locomotive Breath" because I pressed the "stop" button while standing up. Luckly I quickly realized what was going on and resumed recording. As a bonus, you can also hear an argument going on in the background during"Living in the Past": a guy insisted in taking flash photographies and attracted the security's attention. He wouldn't stop and he even waved his fist in the guard's face!! Luckily things soon cooled down after the rest of the row told him to cut it out. To his credit, he apologized to the security guard during the break, but jeez... really!

01 Orchestral Warchild Introduction
02 Doggerland
03 Enter The Uninvited
04 -interlude-
05 The Engineer
06 Tripudium ad Bellum
07 The Browning of the Green
08 Cold Dead Reckoning
09 Mother Goose
10 Bour�e
11 Living in the Past
12 -interlude-
13 Thick as a Brick


14 Aquaintro
15 Nothing is Easy
16 Cross-Eyed Mary
17 Sweet Dream
18 Teacher
19 Critique Oblique
20 Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll; Too Young To Die
21 My God
22 Aqualung
23 -Band introductions and encore break-
24 Locomotive Breath

Ian Anderson: lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
Ryan O'Donnell: lead vocals
Florian Opahle: electric guitar
John O'hara: keyboards
Greg Robinson: bass
Scott Hammond: drums, percussion

Taped and transferred by: JacoZappa

Lineage: Zoom H2 (recorded at 24 bit/48000 htz, internal microphones) -> wav -> SF 10 (equalized, normalized, edited, downsampled to 16 bit/44000 htz, tracked) -> flac

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