Artist: Ian Anderson
Date: May 11, 2015
Venue: L'Olympia
Town: Paris, France

Location: Left Center 1st row second balcony
Mics: Sony ECM-MS 907
Recorder: Roland R-05
SDHC Card: 32GB Transcend Class 10
Wav file transferred to PC via USB.
Conversion to FLAC with Goldwave 5.70
Tracks splits and Fades Out with Goldwave 5.70

The Band On stage:

Ian Anderson (Lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar)
John O�Hara (Hammond organ, piano, keyboards)
Florian Opale (electric guitar)
Greg Robbitson (bass guitar)
Scott Hammond (drums, percussion)
Ryan O'Donnell (Lead vocals)

Set 1: 52mn

101. Doggerland
102. Enter The Uninvited
103. Puer Ferox Adventus
104. The Engineer
105. Tripudium Ad Bellum
106. The Browning Of The Green
107. Cold Dead Reckoning

108. Introduction To "The Very Best Of Jethro Tull"
109. Bour�e
110. Thick As A Brick

Set 2: 1h01mn

201. Nothing Is Easy
202. Cross Eyed Mary
203. Sweet Dream
204. Teacher
205. Critique Oblique
206. Too Old to Rock �n� Roll : Too Young to Die
207. My God
208. Aqualung
209. Band Members Introduction > Encore Break
210. Locomotive Breath

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