Ian Anderson
"Jethro Tull - The Rock Opera"

Civic Theater, Akron, OH
April 11, 2016

Source: Naiant U-C cards > Tascam Dr05
Lineage: DR-05 > USB > Audition > tracked > TLH > FLAC
Location: Sect. 2, Row X

Ian Anderson: vox, flute, guitar, harmonica
John O'Hara: keys, vox
Florian Opahle: guitar
David Goodier: bass, vox
Scott Hammond: drums

Virtual guests:
Greig Robinson, Ryan O'Donnell, Unnur Birna Bjornsdottir

Set 1:
1. Intro
2. Heavy Horses*/^
3. Wind Up**/^
4. Aqualung**
5. With You There to Help Me*
6. Back to the Family**
7. Farm on the Freeway**
8. Prosperous Pasture*
9. Fruits of Frankenfield^^
10. Songs from the Wood*/**

Set 2:
1. And the World Feeds Me*
2. Living in the Past*
3. Jack-in-the-Green
4. The Witch's Promise*
5. Weathercock**
6. Stick, Twist, Bust**
7. Cheap Day Return*^
8. A New Day Yesterday*/**
9. The Turnstile Gate*/**
10. Locomotive Breath**^^
11. Requiem and Fugue*/**^^

*With Unnur Birna Bjornsdottir
**With Ryan O'Donnell
***With Greig Robinson
^With David Goodier
^^With John O'Hara

Note: Virtual guests appeared on a rear projection screen behind band