Ian Anderson's Jethro Tull
Lovely Days Festival
Ottakringer Arena
Wiesen, Austria
07.07.2012 [2012-07-07]

Soundprofessionals SP-CMC-9 Micro Sized Premium Audio Technica Stereo Microphones>Edirol R09(16/44n1)>.wav
.wav>CoolEdit2000 (fades+edits, fft bass boost)>.wav>
trader's little helper (level 6)>.flac>HD
checked (and fixed) for sbs's w/ tlh.

mic-position: 120 ft from stage on grandstand, dfc

Beer: ottakringer beer

1 thick as a brick I
2 Ian anderson speaking - announcing pt II
3 thick as a brick II
4 band intro
5 locomotive breath>outro

ian anderson - fl, voc
david goodier - bass, double bass
scott hammond - dr, perc
john o'hara key, piano, acc
florian opahle - gui

taped & seeded by chico1610

many thanks to africolaman, raimax, olaf and michael for their company and edi and his family for their always famous food!!!