Ian Brown
The Stage, Stoke-On-Trent, UK, 19th June 1998

01 - Ice Cold Cube
02 - Little Wing
03 - Nah Nah
04 - Corpses
05 - What Happened To Ya (Part One)
06 - See The Dawn
07 - What Happened To Ya (Part Two)
08 - My Star
09 - Can't See Me
10 - Sunshine

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Great gig! Ian Brown's first solo gig on his first solo tour.
I was there, the venue was packed (it was at capacity 300-400 people).
The CDr was bought a few days later from a (sadly now closed) record store called "Mike Lloyd Music" which was located just up the road from the venue.
The venue is still there, although it has been renamed "The Sugarmill" now.