Ian Dury
Dominion Theatre
London, England
FM Broadcast of BBC Rock Hour

This comes from my master cassette that I recorded live off the radio. Pretty
good quality from an old cassette. Only heard one slight drop out and my tape
flip wasn't too bad.

Show is 60 minutes. Ian was touring behind the "Laughter" record and the
band included Wilko Johnson. Enjoy!

01 (intro)
02 Upminster Kid
03 Clevor Trever
04 Sink My Boats
05 I'm Partial to Your Abracadabra
06 Superman's Big Sister
07 Yes & No (Paula)
08 Uncoolohol
09 Delusions of Grandeur
10 Dance of the Crackpots
11 What a Waste
12 Hey Hey Take Me Away
13 Manic Depression (Jimi)
14 Oh Mr. Peanut
15 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
16 (outro)