Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hamburg,Ger. Onkel Pö 1978.03.02

first copy from audience master tape>wave(Philips CDR570)>
track split(CD wave Editor)>fade in/fade out(Nero wave Editor)>flac(8)TLH
aligne on sector boundaries
recorded by my friend U.R.with an Uher report,unknown mics.

Dime's Contrast Clause and explanation:
This material was previously uploaded here in a raw transfer from vinyl:


and here as speed corrected and rejoined version from vinyl bootleg:


This torrent has the original tape version with two extra tracks, not vinyl sourced.

Really fantastic show from Ian Dury & The Blockheads, great setlist,
great quality, listen to MP 3 samples.
This is the complete tape of the Hamburg show. From this tape the
bootleg "Live 78" Live in Germany 78 was made.We have a cut between
track 04 and track 05 so the songs were not used for the bootleg
and these two missing tracks are available here for the first time.

line up :

Ian Dury, Vocals
Mickey Gallagher, Keyboards
Davey Payne, Saxophone
Charlie Charles, Drums
Norman Watt-Roy, Bass
John Turnbull, Guitar

setlist :

01.Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll
02.Upminster Kid
03.I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra
04.Wake Up And Make Love With Me(cut)
05.Clever Trevor(fades in)
06.Billy Bentley
07.If I Was With A Woman
08.You're More Than Fair
09.My Old Man
10.Billericay Dickie
11.Sweet Gene Vincent
12.What A Waste
13.Plaistow Patricia
14.I Made Him Cry
15.Blackmail Man

Total Time: 60:00 min.