Ian Dury & The Blockheads- Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1978-03-03- Hans de Vente stereo master tape
recording--complete show! Previously uncirculated master cassette tape from the collection of
Hans de Vente! Transfer by Hans: Cassette > Nakamichi Dragon > Audacity > WAV > FLAC.
(Downloaded as two flac files: side one and side two)
[pitch correction: 'side one' +2.5%, 'side two' +3.2%;]

1. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
2. Upminster Kid
3. I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra
4. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
5. Clevor Trever
6. Billy Bentley (Promenades Himself Around London)
7. If I Was With A Woman
8. More Than Fair
9. My Old Man
10. Billericay Dickie
11. Sweet Gene Vincent
12. What A Waste
13. Plaistow Patricia
14. I Made Mary Cry
15. Blackmail Man
16. Blockheads
17. England´┐Żs Glory
18. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

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