Ian Hunter 198x-xx-xx YUI Orta Demos

Artist: Ian Hunter
Location: Unknown Studio
Date: Late 1980's (exact dates unknown)

Source: Tape (unknown generation, believed to be low (see notes))

Quality: A-

Lineage: Studio > tape (unknown generation) > WAV [96/24] > WAV [44.1/16] > FLAC (level 6)

01 - Sons n Lovers
02 - Beg A Little Love
03 - Look Before You Leap
04 - The Loner
05 - Big Time
(06 - Ill Wind) (Official track - removed)
07 - (Give Me Back My) Wings
08 - There's More To Love Than Meets The Eye

I received this tape in a trade many years ago (late 90's). I believe the trader is someone close to Ian, and that therefore this may be a low-generation tape. Capture was with CoolEdit 2000 at 96kHz/24 bits prior to normalisation and conversion to 44.1/16 bits. No other EQ or denoising has been attempted. Track splitting was by means of CueTools. SBEs checked by TLH. Conversion to FLAC also by TLH.

When this tape was doing the rounds there was some discussion amongst fans about the guitar on these tracks. We believe it is Robbie Alter rather than Mick Ronson on the majority of these tracks. Ian has also said recently he prefers the demo of The Loner (with Robbie Alter) to the released version (with Ronno).

Ill Wind was also on the tape and has been removed due to it having been released commercially on the compilations Once Bitten Twice Shy and The Journey.