Ian Hunter & Band - November 10, 1997 - Radio HO*T FM, 9sqm session, Hof, Germany
**ROUGH MIX, PRE-FM, DAT-master, MWM 0015**

Short story:

Being fans of Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter since the late 60ies, Joe and Otto heard
that Ian was touring with a new band to promote his album "The Artful Dodger". They
contacted his Management and his Tourmanager to play a session...nobody believed that
this would ever happen. But sometimes miracles occur: they got a confirmation, and a
few weeks later Mr. Hunter in person, alive and well, walked into the studio.

And if you ask if we had fun - yes! Nice musicians, great songs, Ian at his best!

And if you ask if it was sad - yes! Talking about the late Mick Ronson...

And if you ask if Ian ever takes off his sunglasses - NO.
Check the photos of this session included in a folder...

Ian Hunter & Band

HO*T FM, 9 mē-Session,
Hof, Germany
November 10, 1997

None of this radioshow has been commercially released...

recorded by Otto G. direct from soundboard to DAT

Soundboard > HO*T FM-Studio-Tascam DA-30 (44,1 kHz) > DAT (BASF DAT-Master 124)

DAT (master) > Tascam DA-20 II, S/P-DIF out > Digital Cable (coax) > Soundcard, S/P-DIF in > CD Wave (recording) >
> Harddisc > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 8) > FLAC > DIME

the songs:

01. Resurrection Mary 6:59
02. Water Low 3:09
03. Something To Believe In 5:14

total: 15:22 mins


Ian Hunter - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Darryll Bath - guitar
Paul Francis - bass
Ian Gibbons - keyboards

Please support the artists, buy their CDs and visit their concerts...

German radio station HO*T-FM, based in the north-Bavarian city Hof, had big success
with their alternative program (playing Blues, Rock, mainly so-called Americana,
live-concerts and musicians in the studio...) and was running a program called
"9 square meter sessions". Exclusive recordings have been produced there from
1996 to 2002, and a lot of Blue Rose and Glitterhouse artists walked into this
tiny studio to record some fine and rare tunes.
HO*T-FM's manager Joe L. hosted and watched all those sessions, Otto G. was the
sound-engineer, a perfectionist with all those machines and buttons.
I visited them quite often, drove the artists to this place, and we three had lots
of fun with Rich Hopkins, Steve Wynn, Iain Matthews, Chris Burroughs, Chris Cacavas
and many other artists...

In 2002 the media-company running the radiostation deceided to quit the (in their eyes)
"not-so-commercial HO*T-FM", and established "Radio-Galaxy", another shitty, mainly
charts-oriented radiostation like hundreds others, and to "earn the big money"...
This behaviour caused heavy protests, even some big demonstrations, but the management
was uncompromising, and at the end they lost all their "old", faithful listeners...

Joe and Otto had to quit their jobs.


You know, our friend Dave T says: "There's always more to come..."
And i'll promise you to keep them tapes coming...


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Absolutely no selling! Do not alter this recording in any way, repost to other sites
or convert it to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use.

Recorded, transferred, & finally uploaded by lonetaper on Dime, October 2007. This is "MWM 0015"