Ian Hunter & His Band
Finnegan's Wake Pub
Philadelphia, Pa.
June 20, 2007

jerseyboy Recording

Church-Audio cards>CA ST-9000 pre amp>Edirol r-09>usb2>Sound Forge 8>CD architect>EAC>flac


01 crowd
02 Once Bitten Twice Shy
03 Twisted Steel
04 Words ( Big Mouth )
05 Wash Us Away
06 Seeing Double
07 Soul Of America
08 I Wish I Was Your Mother
09 Shrunken Heads
10 Angeline
11 Ballad Of Mott
12 23a Swan Hill


01 Just Another Night
02 How's Your House?
03 All The Way From Memphis
04 Dead Man Walking
05 encore aplauz
06 When The World Was Round
07 Roll Away The Stone
08 Saturday Gigs
09 All The Young Dudes/band intros
10 JB has left the building

What a night! I saw Ian at this pub a few years back and my what a change.
While that show was great THIS show was smokin'!!! His band is extremely tight and Ian's
voice was very strong. great mix of old & new ..in fact the Rant material now feels like
fan faves like the older stuff. ...and the crowd knew & loved the great new songs from
the new cd Shrunken Heads. I was positioned about 8 feet from the stage dead center.
Amazing stereo separation as the lead guitarist is heard strong on the left side, but barely audible on the
right...while the rest of the band & vocals are center. The CA's hit another homerun. check out the samples.

AS Always...Share and ENJOY!

BTW...track 10 is me crossing the street to my car...I left it on for the cool stereo effects of cars whizzing by.