Artist: Ian Hunter
Date: November 12, 2010
Venue: Havana
City: New Hope, PA, USA

Band lineup:
Ian Hunter - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Mark Bosch - lead guitar
James Mastro - guitar
Andy Burton (aka Bill Gates) - keyboards
Tony Shanahan - bass
Steve Holley - drums
(Please feel free to correct me on the lineup)

Source: Audience
Taped by: The Dude
Gear info: Sonic Studio DSM6s/L binaural mics --> PA-6LC 85hz bass rolloff --> Sony DAT M1 @48khz

Mastered by: The Dude
Original Mastering info: Sony DAT M1 --> HHB850 CDR burner --> CDRs (as 44.1kHz)

Remastered by: Slipkid (fixing levels, balance, trackmarks)
Remastering info: Master CDRs --> EAC --> Wavs --> Cooledit --> WAVs/Cuesheets --> CDWAV for tracksplitting --> TLH --> FLACs

EAC logs of master CDs extraction included in torrent.

Artwork: (None, please feel free to make some)

Disc One - 47:50
1. Sea Diver
2. Life After Death
3. Cleveland Rocks
4. Dancing On The Moon
5. Shallow Crystals
6. Irene Wilde
7. Arms and Legs
8. Flowers
9. River Of Tears
10. Man Overboard

Disc Two - 62:58
1. The Great Escape
2. Walkin' With A Mountain
3. Boy
4. Wash Us Away
5. Sweet Jane
6. Somewhere (West Side Story)
7. All The Way From Memphis
8. Girl From the Office
9. Roll Away The Stone
10. Saturday Gigs
11. All The Young Dudes


I wasn't at this show but can share it with you folks thanks to the taping efforts of "The Dude", and to "Edtyre", who gave his ticket to The Dude when he couldn't go himself. Hope fellow Ian Hunter fans enjoy it.

The Dude (as usual) put some extraordinary efforts into taping this one, getting right up in front of the speakers on one side of the stage, sacrificing his hearing. His mics are very directional though, so this gave some increased levels in spots to one side or the other depending on how he was facing. I did some tweaking of the recording as a mastering project to get the levels on each side more in line. I think this is a pretty nice sounding show.

On a personal opinion note, I am a big Ian Hunter fan, have every album he's ever been on (solo, Mott The Hoople, collaborations, etc), seen him a bunch of times, he is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, but to be honest I have to say this is the most disappointing gig I've ever heard from him. Not because he gave a bad show, or his band is no good - nothing like that at all - it's just that for my own personal tastes of his music, this setlist is pretty weak :-(

But that is just me - others may really dig this. I like it when Ian (and any artist) changes their setlists around and plays songs from their latest records, unearthing older songs they haven't played in a long time, playing some unexpected covers, dropping songs from previous tours, to keep things fresh each tour. Just as he does here, Ian *should* be emphasizing stuff from his latest record (MAN OVERBOARD), and dropping stuff he's played for a long time that might be overly familiar - it's just that, to me, I think MAN OVERBOARD is his worst record in years (I only like one song on it, "Flowers"). And I LOVED his previous 3 records to death (ARTFUL DODGER, RANT, and SHRUNKEN HEADS), but those albums only get one song played this time around. And including a cover song from West Side Story instead of playing something from his own long & rich back catalog - that just doesn't work for me. I liked the setlists so much better from the last couple of years.

But my opinion doesn't matter. I'm glad Ian is still out there making music & playing live gigs. This one just doesn't do that much for my ears because of the setlist featuring the M.O. album. Also, I'm not a fan of his DIRTY LAUNDRY album, or OVERNIGHT ANGELS either, and he does a song each from both of those albums (Dancing On The Moon, Shallow Crystals) at this gig. Very cool that those kind of rarely aired songs are getting played, it's just that I don't happen to like those. (Doh!)

Other fans I hope will disagree and love this set. Me, I'll file this one away and look forward to his next album/tour and another new setlist. In the recording Ian says he & Ralpher are planning on doing something again in the future and I look forward to hearing what comes out of that.

P.S. Speedy recovery wishes to Mick Ralphs & his new bionic hip.




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CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd103.flac:2a5120da0c9905a2df57d8c34a358927
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd104.flac:0ee79eb26895be0a047e04de16960c86
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd105.flac:d646e65a8125666ec0b48f900368285c
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd106.flac:c3715b365c7b8a7cb1ff4903f36ba017
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd107.flac:482b4142245054b711cfbc76fbc49bc0
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd108.flac:4033d5165810424b0a9e4827c2ab24a6
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd109.flac:dfa8c34b6e50ad3fd6ccb0137de97507
CD1\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd110.flac:e04e6119453c00e819165c7cf6e18b2a
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd201.flac:8c8dd8d479cacbcc869104deb541debd
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd202.flac:01ffc8006e72137f0ddd895a528e3423
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd203.flac:0a60f1268c51f8cc5f55cf3c75528b1d
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd204.flac:4783468b1156d33b73b7b42504e5a6a1
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd205.flac:04d3a8aef6d0c798c7d0de3fdc7f051a
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd206.flac:b8cd45c640f9a99708e42dbdce00879c
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd207.flac:d0933f5102224481f17018d1bd911aa8
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd208.flac:5b34ee26290e5e10caa41f4e415805d5
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd209.flac:c887ae3248b244836b3cb954e5f2bbcb
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd210.flac:a32c7426144d7b052b61d3ed3348f421
CD2\ian hunter havana 11-12-10 cd211.flac:3f740d96eff53349aa22394cd670d400