Ian Hunter & The Rant Band
2010-04-25 Sellersville Theater
Sellersville PA USA

source : schoeps mk-41 > actives > nbox plus > r-09hr > 24/44.1 wav >
dsp-quattro x 3 >16/44.1 wav > xACT 1.69 > flac

Once Bitten Twice Shy
Who Do You Love
Arms and Legs
Babylon Blues
Rip Off > Death of a Nation *
Girl From the Office
Sweet Jane
Man Overboard
Little Queenie > Your Cheating Heat > Like a Rolling Stone (aborted) # MISSING
Somewhere # MISSING
Up and Runnin (cuts in) > Dancing on the Moon (some static)
Wild East
How's Your House?
All the Way From Memphis
23A Swan Hill
Dead Man Walkin'
Roll Away The Stone
Saturday Gigs
All The Young Dudes

notes : *removed 15 seconds of banter before Flowers due to bad static
# MISSING …. played but not included here due to bad static
Dancing On The Moon has some static.
I'm a big Ian Hunter fan and this was one great show, i don't like to post incomplete
or flawed shows, but this one has to be shared. Only 10 minutes of 2 hours + is missing. Cable issues, shit happens. Pictures from the show included in the torrent.

The Rant Band

Ian Hunter - vocals, guitar, piano
Mark Bosch - guitar
James Mastro - guitar
Paul Page - bass
Andy Burton - keyboards
Steve Holley - drums