Union Scene, Drammen, Norge
November - 18 - 2016


Rec. Info:
Audio reality stealth mics -> Olympus LS14 (@ WAV 16/44) -> Memorycard -> Snailmail -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> Wav 16/44 -> TLH( -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by dear friend and taper genius Lars from 4-5 meters left side of stage. Not sold out, but a crowd of app. 350 people. System sound was quite muddy at the start, gets better
for the most part of the show until again getting muddy. A lot of yells and claps from the frenzied audience, but those add more to the atmosphere in there than disturb...
A bunch of pictures are included as well...

A true hero of my youth...remember the 1980-04-20 Rockpalast show? I didn't know about this artist before I saw him together with the late great Mick Ronson on the TV...woah I though,
that guy is really cool...and doin' some straight rock and roll music. I've bought some of his albums, but Ian Hunter went off my radar until the release of YUI ORTA in 1989. So me
and some friends went to the shows at "Wartesaal" in Koeln twice in 89 and 90. Then Mick Ronson left the stage forever and there was just a handful of badly promoted gigs here in
Tyskland (Germany). So, in a recent interview Ian stated that he'll most likely never play Germany again...sucks...but he seems to like Norway, as you can hear. Unfortunately he did
not play any of my three favourite songs, but that doesn't matter too much. Maybe he's gettng bored to do those, but at least he teased at one...Enjoy! Made loud to play loud! SB.

FULL SHOW (108:30 min.)

01. That's when the trouble starts (5:15)
02. Once bitten twice shy (4:56)
03. When I'm president (4:30)
04. Saint (3:39)
05. The truth, the whole truth, nuthin' but the truth (5:40)
06. Drammen rocks (5:23)
07. All american alien boy (6:08)
08. Fingers crossed (5:57)
09. Honaloochie boogie (2:33)
10. Dandy (5:10)
11. Just another night (4:25)
12. Shrunken heads (7:33)
13. Bow street runners (5:48)
14. American spy (4:37)
15. Michael Picasso (7:06)
16. Ghosts (4:20)
17. 23A Sawn hill (4:49)
18. Sweet Jane (5:02)
19. Encore call (2:07)
20. Irene Wilde tease -> All the way from Memphis (4:59)
21. Life -> (3:12)
22. All the young dudes -> Goodnight Irene fadeout (5:10)

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