Ian Hunter & The Rant Band
Dortmund, Germany
05. Oktober 2017

Master - Audience recording
Taping-location: second & front row, a bit on the right side
Sound-quality: excellent, listen to sample
recorded by: Minimax

Equipment: Zoom H4N with Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

first of all the taper has to say that the band wasn't �Au�er Rand und Band� at all!! Boooh for that!
Second of all: don't ever listen to what the taper said about this concert here:
(original-comments from Minimax:) Oh my god, what was that? A beer belly music for beer belly men. After an horrible trip over to the Piano I could manage to get into the second, later into the front row � means: I could see all of these men up there clearly.
Exact nearly 16.167 days ago I liked one or two songs of the Hooples a klitzekleines bit but never ever was more interested of anything Mr. Hunter did before, during and after that.
So, old and half-old-men climbed the stage, did an intro and then a somehow 78-year-old-well-shaved Hustendrops-lutsching and white-wine-drinking man entered too. And they rocked the house like any other band on any other free festivity in any known or not-known city would do.
But it got better after 45 minutes.
I never felt so bad at a concert with an audience like this around me, but what did I expect? From an audience with a quote of 97,9% grey-haired men that came over to see a �legend� that can't be seen in Germany that often.
The Piano was somehow sold out, you could buy signed posters for 30,- �, the poor beer-selling woman had to fight their way up through the first two rows - > hopefully you can hear her offering beer!

This is a recording by comission � the origin-ticket-holder just took a look on the ticket minutes before he wanted to go over there, noticed what was written, immediately got ill and fled over to Bad N... for a cure. Lucky guy he was!!

Ian Hunter - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Mark Bosch - guitar, vocals
Steve Holley - drums, vocals
Paul Page - bass, vocals
James Mastro - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Dennis DiBrizzi - keyboards, vocals

Setlist: from the setlist that evening
the moon upstairs
once bitten twice shy
fatally flawed
when I m president
the truth, the whole truth, nuthin but the truth
just another night
fingers crossed
all american alien boy
all the way from memphis
roll away the stone
guiding light / mother
sweet jane (velvet underground - cover)
23a, swan hill
give me back my wings
life / all the young dudes / goodnight irene (eric clapton - cover)

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