BBC in Concert

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson

I recorded this from BBC Radio 1 FM on 9th August 1980.

Although Tommy Vance states "recorded earlier this year" I think it was actually recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, London UK on 22 Nov 1979

This was just after the "Welcome to the Club" recordings in Los Angeles.

THis recording is different to that one, and also very different to the 1989 BBC in Concert


FM>Cassette>27 years>wav>flac

Bad problems with the azimuth on the original cassette. I remember the capstain wheel thing fell off shortly after recording this, and that obviously caused problems with the tape not having a constant angle to the record head, so the treble comes and goes.

The first song is the worse, but it is there throughout.

I have tried to clean up the sound so that it is more listenable to my ears.

This is my third Xmas pressie for 2007

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