Artist: Ian Hunter feat Mick Ronson
Date: 18th April 1980
Venue: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany

Lineage: CDR-Trade(Approx 15 years ago) > cdparanoia (No bad sectors) > FLAC

Notes: This if from a German television Program, as you can hear in the introduction. Sound quality is excellent.


01. Intro
02. F.B.I (The Shadows Cover)
03. Once Bitten Twice Shy
04. Angeline
05. Laugh At Me (Mott The Hoople Cover)
06. Irene Wilde
07. I Wish I was Your Mother (Mott The Hoople Cover)
08. Just Another Night
09. We Gotta Get Out of Here
10. Bastard
11. All The way To Memphis (Mott The Hoople Cover)
12. Cleveland Rocks
13. All The Young Dudes/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (Mott The Hoople Cover/The Shadows Cover)

Hope you enjoy it

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