The Ian Hunter / Mick Ronson Band
The 9:30 Club
Washington, DC
November 8, 1988

Lineage: 2nd generation recording, recorded with portable Sony cassette recorder (model unknown) on Maxell XLII tapes > Denon CDR-W1500> CD>EAC>flac

A Sane Revolution Intro
Once Bitten Twice Shy (partial - cut)
Give Me Back My Wings
Standing In My Light
Alone (false start)
Big Time
All The Way From Memphis


Cleveland Rocks
All The Young Dudes
I Wish I Was Your Mother
Roll Away The Stone
Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Shades Off Outro

This show was at the 9:30 Club in its original location on F Street NW, not where the current club is located. Recorded from somewhere in the mass of bodies standing on the floor. A good enthusiastic SRO crowd on this night. Iím not sure what happened that made me lose most of Once Bitten and I donít remember if there were any other songs lost during the glitch. The sound on this recording is OK but not great, but hearing anything by Ian with Rono playing is worth having IMO. This one is new to circulation here on Dime.

Taping glitch caused loss of most of Once Bitten Twice Shy.

Tape fade (from my original cassette transfer) after Big Time.

No selling, trading only