Ian Hunter And Mick Ronson
Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
November 9, 1988
Master Audience Recording By The King Of Rock

Sony D3 Master Cassette>Audacity>Wav>Flac

Ian Hunter - vocals, guitar, piano
Mick Ronson - lead guitar
Steve Holly - drums
Howard Helm - keys
Pat Kilbride - bass

01. once bitten twice shy
02. how much more can i take
03. following in your footsteps
04. beg a little love
05. just another night
06. sweet dreamer
07. the loner
08. give me back my wings
09. /standing in my light
10. bastard
11. bigtime
12. all the way from memphis
13. cleveland rocks
14. all the young dudes
15. irene wild
16. slaughter on 10th avenue

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