Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson
The Channel
Boston, Ma
November 12, 1988
Audience Analog 1St Generation (Back Up)
***Incomplete*** (First 2 Songs Missing)
Recorded By King0Porn-The "Steve Rasta Cahill Concert Network"
Krw_Co Transfer

Lineage Audience Analog First Generation To Wav 24/48 To
Audio Cleaning Lab For Tape Flip Edit And Track Marks
To Wav 16/44.1 To Tlh Flac Level 8 No Eq Or Other Tampering

Gear Sony Wm-D6 W/Aiwa Cm-30 Mic/Maxell Xl2 90

The Band
Ian Hunter Vocals Guitar
Mick Ronson Guitar Vocals
Pat Kilbride Bass
Shawn Eisenberg Drums
Howard Helm Keyboards

1 Beg A Little Love
2 Just Another Night
3 Mick Ronson Instrumental
4 Give Me Back My Wings
5 Standing In My Light
6 The Loner
7 Bastard
8 Big Time(Tape Flip Edit In Song At 46:14 Real Time Or 0:40 Track Time)
9 All The Way To Memphis
10 Cleveland Rocks
11 All The Young Dudes
12 Roll Away The Stone
13 Two Ships That Pass In The Night
14 After Show Talk With Steve And Friends

Please Dont Post This On Any Other Trackers We Will When We Get To It
And Please Dont Alter This Recording In Any Way.
Thank You And Enjoy Krw_Co & King0Porn