Ian Hunter with The Roy Young Band
Live at The Bayou, Washington DC
November 30, 1986

Unknown Lineage - but very low gen Audience

** Contrast Clause**
Torrent: 328899 claims that his recording is
"Not a real good quality recording"
This one is great, in my honest opinion.
So Its either an upgrade or his is downgraded or an early or late show.
Either way - they asked me to upload mine.

Some drop outs and loud clicks have also
been repaired - as best as possible.
No noise reduction has been used.
My copy is also tracked slightly differently
and has some low track volume enhancements done to it.

1 Once Bitten Twice Shy
2 Central Park'N'West
3 Wild East
4 Standing In My Light
5 (I'm The) Teacher
6 Noises
7 Cool
8 Irene Wilde
9 Just Another Night
10 All The Way From Memphis
11 All The Young Dudes
12 I Wish I Was Your Mother
13 Roll Away The Stone
14 All The Young Dudes - very abbreviated version
before Ian calls it quits after just 55 seconds...