Ian Mclagan & His Bump Band
Berwyn, IL.

Recorded With: Sonic Studios DSM-6S > Zefiro Inbox >Optical> Iriver H120
Transfer : Iriver H120 > USB > Magix CLeaning Lab> Wav> CD then flac...
Taped & Transferred By Mark E
Time : About 120 minutes
Quality : A+/A

Disc 1:

1) ?
2) Scrappy Jack ?
3) ?
4) Spiritual Boy
5) ?It's Been A Long Time?
6) Date With An Angel
7) Get Yourself A Girl
8) ?So Lucky?
9) ?
10)Rise & Shine
12)She Aint My Girl

Disc 2:

1) ?
2) Glad & Sorry
3) My Baby Gives Me A High Temperature
4) Troublemaker
5) ?
6) ?
7) ?Follow?
8) ?
9) ?
12)Whatcha Gonna Do About it

Ian played at a small club just outside Chicago. This was the same week The Stones were in town.
There was all this buzz about Ron Wood showing up. They even had an amp set up for him. He was a
no-show, but Ian played a great set of Faces / Small Faces and solo stuff. Lots of Ronnie Lane
references as well. If your a fan, this sounds GREAT! I tried my best for a setlist, but Id love
some help if possible. As always, distribute freely, stay away from lossy formats and never sell
any of this!!!

Mark E