Ian McNabb
50 Songs � Day 2
10 December 2011
The Capstone Theatre

Recorded & edited by: Dutch Masters� Apprentice

Lineage: Edirol R09 + Sound Professionals CMC-8 microphones > SD Card > harddrive
Editing with Nero Wave Editor 4

Set one:
01. Fire Inside My Soul
02. These Are The Days
03. I�m A Genius
04. Little Girl Lost
05. High On A Hill
06. Great Dreams Of Heaven
07. Liverpool Girl
08. Little Bit Of Magic
09. New Light
10. Who Do You Want For Your Love
11. Still Got The Fever

Set two:
01. There Oughta Be A Law
02. May You Always
03. Before All Of This
04. Merseybeast
05. Potency
06. Reaping The Rich Harvest
07. May And December
08. That�s Why I Believe
09. The Atheist
10. What She Did To My Mind
11. Little Princess
12. Understanding Jane
13. Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)
14. Conscience Of Kings

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