IAN SIEGAL ( solo)
Roots of Heaven Festival
Het Patronaat ( large hall)
Haarlem, Netherlands
10th November 2007

Source: audience OKM II/POP-> A3-> Edirol R9 ( 16bit/44.1Khz)
Location: FOB
Transfer: USB-> SoundForge 7.0 ( fades, levels)
Tracking with CD Wave- encoding to flac level 8 & checksum made with Trader's Little Helper

Recorded, transferred and shared on Dime on 16th November 2007 by scdegraaf

02. Mary Don't You Weep
03. Grinning In Your Face
04. Mortal Coil Shuffle
05. Ain't Nobody's Business
07. One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer
08. I'll Fly Away
09. Let My Love
10. John The Revelator
11. Horse Dream
12. Falling On Down Again