Ian Siegal Band
"Fall Off The Wagon"
Cultuurpodium Boerderij
Zoetermeer, Netherlands
13th December 2008

Source: audience recorder Zoom H2 w/ internal mics
Recorded by Ane (flipp022)
CDWave (track splits)-> TLH (flac 8 & checksum)
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Ian Siegal- guitar, vocals
Andy Graham - bass
Nikolaj Bjerre - drums

Disc 1
01. Ride On Josephine-> Hey Bo Diddley (snippet)-> Who Do YOu Love (snippet)-> Ride On Josephine
02. Down In The Bottom
03. Cold Water & band intros
04. Groundhog Blues
05. Pat Garrett And Billy the Kid
06. Butter
07. Banter
08. Mortal Coil Shuffle
09. She Got The Devil In Her-> Get Off (w/Sign Of The Times riff)-> She Got The Devil In Her

Disc 2
01. Mr. Pitiful
02. Satisfaction
03. Jumping Jack Flash
04. Band intros and banter
05. Can't Get You Off My Mind
06. Banter-> Ian asks Dusty on stage
07. Rattlesnake-> Folsom Prison Blues (snippet)-> Rattlesnake *
08. Ian asks Wesley on stage
09. Champagne And Reefer **
10. enter The Rhythm Chiefs
11. Sadie ***
12. Banter
13. Wonderful World (snippet)-> You Don't Love Me
14. Who Knows [Hendrix gospel jam]-> Sugar Rush (snippet)
15. Banter
16. The Worst (Ian solo)
17. Take A Walk In The Wilderness
18. Sympathy For The Devil

* ft. Dusty
** ft. Wesley and Dusty
*** ft. Wesley, Dusty and The Rhythm Chiefs

Thanks Sylvia De Graaf for setlist and cut