Ian Siegal Band

Vienna, Austria

Audience Recording

Lineage: CA-14 cards (Mics) + CA-9100 (PreAmp) + Edirol R05 (Recorder)
SD Card>PC>Wavelab(Equalizer)/Audacity(Compress&dynamics1.2.6)>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8

Ian Siegal: vocals, guitar
Dusty Ciggaar: guitar
Raphael Schwiddesen: drums
Danny van�t Hoff: bass

Set 1: (0:43:18)
01. I Am The Train>Folsom Prison Blues>I Am The Train
02. Mortal Coil Shuffle
03. Brandy Balloon>Sex Machine
04. "Talk"
05. She Got The Devil In Her/I Gotta Try You Baby
06. "Talk"
07. How Come You�re Still Here
08. Butter Side Up

Set 2: (1:18:57)
01. "Intro"
02. The Skinny
03. "Talk"
04. California
05. Revelator (John The Apostle)>Backdoor Man
06. "Talk"
07. Gallo Del Cielo
08. ? (Prince Medley)
09. "Talk"
10. Falling On Down Again>Otis Redding Medley>Bring it on home to me [Sam Cooke]
11. "Encore clapping/Band introduction/Talk"
12. Tonight I�ll Be Staying Here With You [Bob Dylan]
13. The Weight [The Band]
14. Forever Young [Bob Dylan]

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