Ian Siegal & The Rhythm Chiefs
2wenty5ive tour
Dordrecht, NL

13th October 2016

Recorded by Ton Sijbrands, edited by Ane
Mic homemodel 2025-> PCM-M10

Ian Siegal- vocvals, guitar
Dusty Ciggaar- guitar
Raphael Schwiddessen- drums
Danny Van�t Hof- bass
Jerry Brown- guitar

Setlist [01:51:51]
1. The Skinny
2. Better Than Myself
3. I Am The Train
4. Mortal Coil Shuffle
5. Brandy Balloon
6. Butterside Up
7. Quarantine
8. Bloodshot
9. Sugar Rush
10. The Revelator/Back Door Man/The Revelator
11. Talk
12. Early Grace
13. Talk
14. How Come You're Still Here?
15. Hard-pressed/Sign�O�The Times/Get Off
16. Talk
17. Falling on Down Again/R&B medley/Bring It On Home To Me