Ian Siegal and band
"Lucky Break"
Cultuurpodium Boerderij
Zoetermeer, Netherlands
3rd December 2009

Recorded and mastered by Flipp022
Homemade mic new model 2015-> PCM-D50 (16 bit/44.1kHz). First recoring with this mic

Track splits, encoding (TLH flac8 & checksum), tagging (Foobar2000) and covers by scdegraaf

Because of a broken wrist Ian couldn't play guitar. 18 year old Dusty Ciggaar of the Dutch blues band
The Rhythm Kings was invited to played lead guitar, so Ian didn't have to cancel the tour.
Giles King of Hokie Joint, who opened, plays harmonica on a few songs. Joel Fisk of Hokie Joint joins for the last songs.

Ian Siegal- vocals (only this tour)
Nikolaj Berre- drums
Andy Graham- bass
Dusty Ciggaar- guitar (stand-in)
Giles King - harmonica on *
Joel Fisk- guitar on &

CD1 - 74:56
01. Pretty Thing-> Hey Bo Diddley
02. Little Paranoia
03. Kingdom Come
04. Groundhog Blues-> I'm Bad Like Jesse James
05. Hard-pressed
06. Talk
07. Quarantine
08. Song intro
09. Shore Leave
10. Carmelita
11. Bloodshot-> Call Me The Wolf *
12. Mortal Coil Shuffle *

CD2 - 69:37
01. Sugar Rush *
02. Revelator (John the Apostle)-> band intros-> Back Door Man-> Revelator *
03. Encore applause
04. Take A Walk In The Wilderness
05. Freight Train (snippet)-> I Shall Not Be Moved-> Mystery Train-> My Baby Left Me->
That's All Right, Mama-> Folsom Prison Blues-> I Shall Not Be Moved
06. Introduction of Joel Fisk of Hokie Joint
07. Nadine-> >Little Queenie-> Whole Lotta Shaking Going On->
Nadine * and &
08. Big Legged Women-> Sex Machine-> Big Legged Women * and &