Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods
Amstelveen, Netherlands

29 June 2012

Source: CA14-> CA9100-> Korg Mr-2 [1bit/2.8mHz]-> AudioGate 16bit/44.1kHz
Editing SoundFOrge 9.0 (volumes, fades, several plug-ins)
Track split CDWave
Encoding to FLAC 8 & checksum Trader's Little Helper
Tagging Foobar2000

A Dutchbird production (recording, editing & covers)

Technical details:
New toy, the Korg MR-2, which allows recording in the 1-bit DSD format.
DSD stands for Direct Stream Digital, and it is the recording system at the heart of Sony�s SACD (Super Audio CD).
Where PCM technology uses sample rates from 11.025 kHz to 192 kHz, employing up to 24 bits to encode each sample,
DSD, on the other hand, uses a much higher sample rate�2.8224 MHz�and only 1 bit to store each word.

The show:
The band had 4 hours delay coming from the UK, where they played last night. The Uk show was a trial for this tour,
the show at P60 was the start of the official tour.
Because of the delay the band hadn't arrived yet when the doors opened and when they arrived there was no time for a soundcheck.
A soundcheck would have improved the sound in the venue, even with the moron working at the soundboard. The P60 works with volunteers.
I don't know if the soundtec is a volunteer as well, but every time he manages to rape the sound. It sounded very muddy in the venue.
That being said the recording sounds a whole lot better than the sound in the venue and the mics didn't pick up much of the talkers.

The band:
The Mississippi Mudbloods are the North Mississippi Allstars (Coby & Luther Dickinson) plus Alvin Youngblood Hart.
2 years ago Ian recorded The Skinny with this group and also his next album, which will be released in September,
was made with this group. Various songs of these albums were performed and very few songs of Ian's songs with his
own band.
With a guitar player like Luther Dickinson (Black Crowes) Ian runs the risc that he'll be outplayed and that's
exactly what happened. Ian is realistic enough to admit this.

Ian Siegal- guitars, vocals
Luther Dickson- guitar, bass, backing vocals, Diddley Bo and lead vocals on %
Cody Dickinson- drums
Alvin Youngblood Hart- bass, guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal on &

Disc One [54:41]
01. Red Rooster Called The Kingfish
02. Stud Spider
03. Band intros
04. I Am The Train *
05. Picnic Jam
06. Bayou Country *
07. Hard Pressed
08. Song intro
09. The Fear *
10. Announcing Luther Dickinson
11. Drinking Muddy Water %

Disc Two [44:46]
01. Hound Dog In The Manger
02. Natch'l Low (Coolin' Board)
03. The Skinny
04. So Much Trouble
05. Encore applause-> announcing Alvin Youngblood Hart
06. Big Mama's Door &
07. Banter
08. Loose Cannon *

* From the new album