Ian Siegal Band
Het Patronaat (keine zaal/small hall)
Haarlem, Netherlands

31 March 2011

A Dutchbird production (recording, mastering & covers)

Source: 2x DPA4061-> CA-9100 (custom built for DPA mics)-> Edirol R-09HR (44.1kHz/16bit)
Location: front near right speaker stacks

Eq, volumes and fades SoundForge 9.0
Track splits CDWave, encoded to flac 8 & checksum with TLH
Flac files tagged with Foobar2000

Ian Siegal- guitar and vocals
Andy Graham- bass
Evan Jenkins- drums

A good show with an annoying audience. It felt like Ian had to get in the mood, but when he did he was on fire.
He played over 2 hours, ending with a fantastic version of Warren Zevons'Werewolves of London.

The setlist held many covers, Ian making each his own:
Bob Dylan
Warren Zevon
Junior Wells
Kris Kristofferson
Chuck Berry("one of the greatest songwriters and biggest assholes that's ever lived)
Bryan Adams tease ("I fucking hate that song")
Rod Stewart
Otis Redding
Muddy Waters

Moreover Ian sang 2 songs of the upcoming album with the North Mississippi Allstars, The Skinny.

Between songs there's Ian's talk, which is quite funny. Just listen to the story of John O'Grady.
As Ian remarked that story will get exaggerated over time.

The band members added a lot to the show: regular drummer Nikolaj Bjerre had to undergo an operation, so Ian had borrowed Matt Scofield's drummer.
Andy Graham was his own cool self, great bass player, who rightly is the winner of the 2010 British Blues Awards.

Apart from real fans Ian seems to attract people who just want to be there out of sensation, to see how he behaves on stages,
how much he drinks etc. Middle aged men who have taken too many pills and too many beers to prove how hip
and young they are, shouting stupid remarks. In general the audience was very talkative, something Ian commented on.
People bumped into me all the time. One moron managed to get tangled up in the wires of my mics and they were only
sticking out of my bag just a bit. He asked whether I was checking on people. Don't know what he was thinking
(if he was thinking at all). Fortunately it didn't affect the further recording and
he had the good sense to do it during the Summer of 69 tease, Ian would approve of that (lol).

CD1 73:15
01. Kingdom Come
02. Groundhog Blues
03. story (John O'Grady)
04. Billy
05. Banter-> song intro
06. The Skinny
07. retuning
08. Hounddog In The Manger
09. Song intro
10. Hard-Pressed
11. Come On In This House
12. Forty-Four
13. Louisiana Blues -> Forty-Four

CD2 58:59
01. Song intro
02. Darling Darling Darling
03. Carmelita
04. Revelator-> Back Door Man
05. Encore applause
06. Sister Sinead -> Fire tease *
07. Summer Of 69 tease *
08. The Worst *
09. Song intro
10. Don't Let Us Get Sick *
11. Banter
12. Hot Legs -> band intros
13. Nadine
14. I've Got Dreams To Remember
15. Werewolves Of London

* Ian Siegal solo