Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus
Hoofddorp, Netherlands

14th May 2016

CA14-> CA9100-> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]
A Dutchbird recording: recorded, edited and downsamples to 16bit/44.1kHz
Recorded approx. 3 meters from the left speaker stacks.

Duycker is part of the (rather new) cultural center in Hoofddorp. It has 2 stages for music.
This concert took place in the smaller of the two with a capacity of 200 people.
Only some 50-60 people were there, of which 15 were family and friends of the opening act, 2 young local boys.
Ian commented a few times on the poor attendance. It could be that many people had stayed home to watch the
finale of the Eurovision song contest, it could have been the location (nice room, enough free parking space,
but I wouldn't be found dead there). I think the latter. It's a wasteland with nothing to do after the show.

Set One [45:24]
1. The Silver Spurs [IS]
2. Talk
3. Ludella [JM]
4. Talk/tuning
5. Talking Overseas Pirate Blues [IS]
6. Talk
7. Jessie James [JM]
8. Talk
9. Pony Blues [IS] <Charlie Patton>
10. Talk
11. Too Much Water [JM]
12. Good Morning Little School Girl [JM] <Sonny Boy Williamson>
13. Talk
14. Mary Don't You Weep [IS] <traditional>

Set Two [01:03:43]
1. Second set intro
2. I Am the Train [IS]
3. Talk
4. Casey Jones [JM]
5. Talk
6. Gallo Del Cielo [IS] <Tom Russell>
7. Talk
8. Tallahatchie [JM]
9. Talk
10. Crazy Old Soldier [IS] <Willie Nelson>
11. Talk
12. Hard Times (Come Around No More) [IS & JM] <Stephen Foster>
13. Talk
14. I'll Fly Away [IS] <Albert Edward Brumley>
15. Crowd/talk
16. Ain't Going Down That Dirt Road [IS] <Howlin' Wolf> Howlin' Wolf [IS] <Muddy Waters>
17. Talk
18. Dirty Old Town [JM & IS] <Ewan MacColl>