Ichiban Women
with Francine Reed and Trudy Lynn
Saturday, June 1, 1996
Petrillo Bandshell,
Chicago, IL


Lineage: FM > master cassette, unknown gear.
Transfer: Master cassette > Harmon Kardon TD 302, heads aligned to each tape segment >
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI soundcard > Audacity @ 24/48 for edits and tracking >
Flac level 8 and checksums with traderslittlehelper > tagged with tag&rename >
24/48 conversion to 16/44.1 with dBpoweramp.
February 2020 - arfarf

01 -Francine Reed Intro-
02 Trouble In Mind
03 Leavin' Town
04 Crack The Bone
05 -Band Intros-
06 Evil Gal
07 One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
08 Wild Women
09 Why Don't I Know >
-Trudy Lynn Intro-
10 Loose Lips
11 Two Girls For The Price Of One
12 When Something's Wrong With My Baby
13 24 Hour Woman
14 Instant breakfast
15 8 Days On The Road
16 In My Arms
17 Come To Mama
18 -DJ fill-
-Encore with Francine Reed and Trudy Lynn-
19 Just A Little Bit
20 -NPR DJ Outro-

Notes: Stormy day, and the FM signal suffers at times, nothing major,
just a higher noise floor and an occasional flutter.
Francine Reed joined by her sister Melody Reed on track 06.
Tape change at 02:24 of track 10, unknown amount of music lost.
Tape flip at end of track 17, no music lost.