Artist: If
Date: 03/03/1974 (actual date unknown)
Venue: My Father's Place
Location: Roslyn, NY

Lineage: WLIR FM Broadcast > TEAC reel to reel > Tascam CD-RW700 (to CD) > EAC > Cool Edit
Pro (tracking) > flac

I originally seeded this several years ago but I don't recall on which tracker it was done.
I do recall that comments at the time said that there were no other known recordings of the
band "IF" from the time of their "Not Just A Bunch Of Pretty Faces" album. There are also
no "IF" concerts listed at after 1972 so this is worth making available once

These are the exact same .wav files from the original torrent. However, they had to be
flac'd again since I no longer have the flac files from that original torrent.

The first song has the beginning cut off. This is because I came home after the start of the
WLIR Tuesday Night Live Radio broadcast. The music was so good, I started recording anyway
(funny how I can remember this after almost 40 years!).

The actual date is unknown because at that stage of my life, getting exact dates and lineage
didn't seem important. The idea was simply to hear great music.

So if you download this, enjoy the great music :-)

01 (end of) What Did I Say About The Box, Jack
02 Stormy Every Weekday Blues
03 Chiswick High Road Blues
04 In The Winter Of Your Life
05 I Believe In Rock & Roll
06 Follow That With Your Performing Seals
07 Raw Sewage