The Stooges

Soldier Field

Chicago, IL, USA

July 18, 1970


01 Loose (3:39)
02 Down On The Street (5:00)
03 1970 (5:26)
04 Fun House (9:58)
05 LA Blues (6:08)

TT - 30:12

Iggy Pop - Vocals
Ron Asheton - Lead Guitar
Dave Alexander - Bass Guitar
Scott Asheton - Drums
Steve Mackay - Saxophone

Lineage: Master Cassette > CDR(x) > EAC > WAV > FLAC

I got this on CDR in a snail mail trade in about 2004 or so. It is one of very few recordings of the original line up known to exist (plus Steve Mackay on saxophone). This is a digital copy of the master tape and the recording was made at a festival held at Soldier Field less than two weeks after the "Fun House" album was released which also featured the MC5 and some other bands.

However, be warned that, even though this is the master, I was told when I got it that the tape was in very bad shape. This probably explains why the sound is far from perfect (still listenable though, and it does improve a little as the tape goes on). However, this is a pretty historical recording and I thought any Stooges fans out there might like to hear it if they haven't already (it's a lot more widely circulated now than when I got it).