The Stooges - Mega-rare restored vinyl "Dirty Ass Rock 'N' Roll" - Iggy And The Stooges reunion gig Coachella, California 2003-04-27 soundboard - rip your face off with it! (mp3 sample included)

Just as good as expected, here's most of the set recorded out in the desert on that day. In ear-crunching soundboard, Iggy and the boys play like they've never left the stage. There's a tenor saxophone player on "1970" and "Fun House", too.

Iggy looks like... well like a ripped Iggy 34 years later. The man has muscles coming out of his earballs. There's a review of the show in the torrent with photos, taken from

Setlist that day:

Loose (listed on the cover, but not on the LP)
01) Down On The Street
02) 1969
03) I Wanna Be Your Dog
04) T.V. Eye
05) Dirt
06) Real Cool Time
07) No Fun
08) 1970
09) Fun House

Iggy Pop: Vocals
Ron Asheton: Guitar
Scott "rock action" Asheton: Drums
Mike Watt: Bass
Steven Mackay: Tenor Sax on last two tracks

Lineage: MCV LP -> Sound Forge 6.0 ->Flac via Flac Frontend, level 6, sectors aligned and verified


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