Iggy & The Stooges
Main Stage
Optimus Alive Festival
Oeiras, Lisboa, Portugal

Aud > Church CA 14 > Sony RH 1 > Hi-MD (PCM mode) > Sonic Stage > wav > Audacity (level adjustments, compressor 1:2 for the upper 4 dB, hard limiter for close applause, trackmarking, fades) > TLH > flac 8

recorded about 30 meters from stage, slightly to the right

TRT: 68:59 min

01. Raw Power
02. Search And Destroy
03. Gimme Danger
04. Shake Appeal
05. I Need Somebody
06. 1970
07. Fun House
08. Beyond the Law
09. Cock In My Pocket
10. Open Up and Bleed
11. I Got A Right
12. I Wanna Be Your Dog

- encore -
13. Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
14. Penetration
15. No Fun

Open air festivals don't give you the best recording conditions. Main stage, one of the main acts everybody wants to see and late at night when everybody is in an advanced stage of inebriation is even worse. Add a breeze from the atlantic, shurely appreciated on a July evening in Lisbon, but creating very different and varying sound conditions if you stand too far from the speakers - I didn't like the resulting recording, sound wavering with the intensity of the breeze, esp. the high frequencies of the drumset, but also the general volume, so I left it lying around.

Another reason was that I didn't like the show as much as I had expected, especially Iggy's performance - not that it wasn't a highly energetic, powerful performance,, not that I didn't like it regarding the music, but I kept thinking why does he not grow up, the fuck this, fuck that, fuck security, fuck all the fucking festival shit...fuck everything....we are not a fucking commercial band............it seemed a little puerile for a man his age.

But 2 years later I think why not, he invented Iggy Pop, so why not make a decent living performing Iggy Pop, and a good performance it is, the songs are still among the most powerful written in teh last 40 years, and the performance is not a stupid repetition of the same songs forever, but is musically quite interesting, goes beyong punk, esp. I liked the sax which gave the songendings sometimes a jazzy quality.

I spent a couple of evenings remastering the recording, lowered many isolated volume peaks, raised the overall levels by 2 dB, applied a compressor for the upper 4 dB 2:1, went over it again and adjusted the volume manually in intervalls of 5 - 30 seconds by 0,5 - 2 dB to eliminate the wavering volume, limeted close applause using a hard limeter manually - and the result sounds much better than the original recording, not waht I'd call good, but it's hard to get a good recording open air.........